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Designed Your Way


We will work closely with you to ensure that the site is designed exactly how you want it. We start by finding out what sort of thing your looking for and we mock up a few ideas. From here, we tweak and edit the design base upon what you want. If at any point you change your mind, We will start over. Our work isn’t complete until you are completely satisfied.

All of our sites can also be setup for you to add and edit content as you wish instantly, giving you full control. We also understand that some people may not be comfortable with this so we offer to maintain the website for you if you choose.

Fully Responsive Web Design


With handheld devices becoming more and more popular and many browsing the web on them, you will want your website to be clear on a small screen without the need to keep zooming and scrolling. That’s why all the websites that we build are fully responsive, meaning that the website re-sizes and fits on any handheld device like an iPhone or Android phone without the website becoming messy or too hard to read.

Compatible With;

Laptop's & PC's

Tablet's & Phone's

& even Games Consoles

Tablet and Phone showing responsive design
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Support & Updates


With our Hosting package, All our sites come with Updates and Support.

As time goes on, your website would become outdated and insecure. These are things that we feel should not be at an extra charge. So we will update your site as new technology and security fixes are released. We also offer to update minor changes on the site such as new text or updated images. All these things come free with ddSharpIT Hosting.

We also offer Support for our websites so should something go wrong, we are just a call away to sort the issue. The support also covers you should you make a mistake when updating your site yourself. One call and we can fix the issue and make the changes for you

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