Cloud Backups

It is always a great idea to backup your data in case anything should happen to your server or pc.

Got things you can’t possibly loose? Important company data? Family Pictures? Just a few documents? Whatever it is, we know its important to you.

With online backups, you can feel safe in knowing that everything is backed up securely and away from the office, should the worst ever happen. The online backups are quick and effortless. We would take care of the setup, initial backup (Please note, Initial backup can take hours) and the continued monitoring and maintenance required. After the initial backup, only the files that you changed are backed up.

All data is stored and encrypted using advanced AES-256 bit encryption. Transmitted data is encrypted and secured using SSL enabled servers.

Supports Windows, MacOS and Linux


Lightweight, Fast, Secure

20mb download, no pre-requisities for installation, no reboot needed for first backup.


Incremental Backups

After the initial backup, only changes are uploaded. You’ll never need to re-upload the full file again.


Compressed and Encrypted

During backup, transit and rest. The only time your data is unencrypted is during a restore.


Easy Restore

Revover data from any point within your retention period. Data can be restored to its original or an alternative location.


UK Private Storage

We hold 2 copies of your data in High Grade UK Data Centers in London and Bournemouth.


Support at no extra Cost

We setup and monitor the backups for you and you can contact us for help at no extra cost.

30 Day Free Trial

Try it yourself with our free no obligation trial and start protecting your cloud data today


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